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Humman Off-Road

3 лет назад

Visit our Adventures Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hummansunson It doesn’t look too steep on the video — However, it was pretty steep hill with mud, big rocks and running water. Both did very well. UNIMOG vs HUMMER Extreme OFFROAD testing the same STEEPY, MUDDY with BIG ROCKS HILL Humman Off-Road Adventures channel is dedicated to 4×4 Off-Road Adventures, Extreme 4×4 Off-Road and 4×4 Offroad Overland Adventures We feature all 4×4 makes and models off-road trucks and SUV. We participate in 4×4 off-road adventures, 4×4 offroad overland expeditions and 4×4 rallies to gain and share 4×4 experience. We off-road alone as well — to learn, test and share 4X4 overland experience, off-road recovery techniques and 4×4 tools and off-road accessories application in various conditions.

feature hardcore custom 4×4 off-road trucks, off-road monster trucks and rock crawlers which are capable to go through most challenging terrains and various off-road conditions. We also are featuring 4×4 off-road capable cars, best offroad SUVs and other capable off-road vehicles which are suitable for daily drive as well as off-road worthy. We share videos about 4×4 fails and challenges for educational purposes. The dangerous 4×4 off-road fails caught on camera are shared with public to promote awareness of 4×4 offroad risk and 4×4 off-road failures. Off-road 4×4 fails uploaded for educational purposes to promote awareness of extreme 4×4 off-road dangers. Extreme 4×4 truck off-road overland adventures are dangerous, and require good 4×4 vehicle and driver preparation for 4×4 offroading. We feature the following 4×4 off road videos on this channel. All our extreme 4×4 off road videos are copyrighted, and should not be used without our permission: hummer h1 off road hummer h1 offroad extreme 4×4 unimog offroad unimog extreme off road jeep off road jeep rubicon extreme toyota fj cruiser off road extreme toyota 4runner off road humvee offroad humvee extreme off road 4×4 HMMWV offroad HMMWV extreme off road unimog unimog extreme Ford f150 4×4 off road f-150 Jeep vs Hummer vs Toyota overland trucks and overland 4×4 over.

d lights, off road parts and best off road tools Disclaimer: This video is for Entertainment purposes only! Humman Off-Road Adventures extreme offroad 4×4 4×4 off road extreme offroad fails xtreme offroad 4×4 off road extreme 4×4 off road 4×4 trucks off-road 4×4 4×4 fail best 4×4 trucks 4×4 overland adventure off road overland


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